The Best Strawberry Flavoured E Liquid You Can Select

Concentrates and flavourings have become very crucial elements to most of the today’s e-liquids. Most of the renowned e-liquid brands all over the world have embraced the use of these flavours to enhance the taste of their products. The flavours are usually added in a pre-mixed form or as concentrates. The strawberry e juice came as one of the most preferred today because of the fresh taste of strawberries. The following are some of the popular strawberries flavoured e-liquids that you can opt for:

Different strawberry e-liquids

Mrs B’s Jam

This is a British company that is renowned for the manufacture of mouthwatering e-liquid products. Their strawberry is one you will not want to miss because of the quality vapour production and thehntfw6dt62y7du2ud262y amazing vape balance. The rich flavor of the fruit is what makes it stand out from the rest.

Buckshop: Double tap

Just like all the other Buckshot liquids, this particular type has an amazing vapour production and a unique strawberry taste. It is a full tasty flavour that makes you feel the strawberry taste with pleasure.

Chaper XII: Fitzgerald

This is popular strawberry-lime soda e-liquid. Many people love it because of its sweet flavor as well as the vapour production. It remains a prominent flavor because of its standalone taste.


This is a popular e-liquid brand from the UK. Even though the company has been focusing on cheap e liquids, this does not mean that their products are of low quality or bad taste. The taste of pure strawberry is rich in these drinks and is sure to capture your throat just like the other expensive liquids.

GQ Vape: High Roller

This type comes with a unique taste because of the combination of strawberry, peach and pineapple flavor. The strawberry vape comes in as an overtone, but its taste is evident when you drink the liquid down your throat.


Hangsen Strawberry has been around for a long time. It is a cheaper gvcrwe5dt62y7227e-liquid that has a mild strawberry taste. With its floral aftertaste, this remains to be one of the strongest in the market.

Clutch Vapors Strawberry (Ace)

Clutch Vapors came up with this amazing e-liquid drink using a combination of mango and strawberry flavor. The combination gives it a fruity flavor, especially the dominant strawberry taste. It does not come with a heavy throat hit as compared to the others strawberry flavoured e-liquid products in the market.