The 100k Factory Ultra Edition Reviewed

The rapid proliferation of technology has seen the emergence of the internet not only as a socializing platform but one of the best platforms through which an individual can make money. Many training tools can help one achieve this with one of the most notable being the 100k factory ultra edition reviewed. The following is an overview of the program.

What is in the program?

Developed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, the ultra edition is an all in one tool suite with a training program that reveals the intricate design of a business model that has been used to fgt6y7u7u8i9i8y7igenerate millions of dollars

The training is built on a blueprint that is designed to give each customer a $100,000 per calendar year earning rate. This blueprint system is quite simple and can be achieved through 4 websites

A brainchild of the 100k factory, the current program is an improvement on its predecessor.  It has the same features as its predecessor but with some improvements and one major difference, it enables individuals to sell their goods on their e-commerce site


The training is online and is broken down into eight weeks of training that walks individuals through the intricate world of launching your own business. The training makes use of how-to training videos, pdf material, and a $100k training kit that will show you how to make hundreds of dollars with only four websites

Tools used

The most important tool that is the backbone of the program is web traffic. The training gives users the skill to master four types of traffics which are

  • Facebook ads – Facebook has over 1 billion users and is considered massive source of web traffic.The training gives valuable tips on how to make the most out of this traffic
  • fr5t6y7u8u8i9i6t67u8Viral sharing – make people share your content and drive traffic to your site
  • Private traffic software – a tool for members that drives laser targeted traffic to your site

Search engine – get loads of traffic from online searches

What’s included in the 100k software suite?
  • Content repository – this software creates high-quality content for a site
  • Optimization suite – to convert the incoming traffic into commissions
  • Custom built WP theme – this software helps to create a professional looking website

The above overview will not be complete without stating the official release date. It is set for release in April 2016. It is time you book your membership and learn how to create massive income online.

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