Guidelines To Unclog A Toilet

There are many reasons why a toilet develops a clog. For example, some improper things could be flushed down the toilet such as diapers, toys, or paper towel. Also, excess toilet paper flushed can cause the toilet to clog. Clogged toilets result in frustrating experiences depending on the extent of clogging. There are some ways to unclog your toilet. You are free to seek to find additional information from experts and professional plumbers. Some ways can be down by yourself.

How to unclog toilet

Using a plunger

This is a very important tool used in uncloggingkmn36etdf7u37te6yu toilets. You are advised to use a quality plunger that is made of durable and thick rubber. At the middle of the plunger, there should be a cup. Start by positioning the plunger with the cup over toilet drain. Ensure rim of the plunger is placed around the hole to create strong suction power when you begin to plunge.

Press it down with your both hands and pull out with great force. You should continue the same repeatedly. You will start feeling some resistance building up. When the pressure decreases and a whooshing sound of water are heard, you will have a break through the clog. The pressure will suddenly decrease. You should allow water to flush completely. This will take about 10 plunges or more to clear clogged toilet.

Toilet snake

You should use this when the plunger fails to unclog the toilet. This equipment is very effective in removing large items, which were flushed down toilets. This has a tool that grasps and chews the clog. You should feed it through plumbing until it gets to your clog. After reaching the clog, it will grasp it and get it out. After removing the obstruction, retract the equipment and get it out of your toilet. You should then flush your toilet and clean it properly.

Removing the toilet

You should only use this procedure when the plunger and snake methods have failed to unclog your toilet. You can remove the toilet kmnb35etd6y72u8di9and carry out unclogging manually. In this case, it is advisable to utilize the services of a professional plumber.

The other method is using chemical toilet cleaner. You need to be aware that some cleaners are quite corrosive and can destroy bacteria in the septic tank. Nowadays, there are safe and natural toilet products that are very effective at removing the clogs. If you find the process quite tough for you, seek the assistance of plumbers.